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How do I know if my home will be eligible for the Quieter Home Program in the future?
Please give us a call at 619-400-2660 or email quieterhome@san.org; we will review your property in our database and be happy to talk with you.

Arches are not a problemHow long does construction take on a home?
That depends on the size of the home, how many windows and doors, etc. Generally speaking, construction typically takes about 30 business days, Monday through Friday only.

How do I know my property will be safe during construction?
Contractors are fully insured to cover property damage, should it occur. However, the homeowner is responsible for securing valuables during construction.

Does the program cost me anything?
There is no financial cost to the homeowner for Program treatments. However, each homeowner is required to grant an avigation easement to the Airport Authority, which limits the homeowner's ability to initiate legal action against the Airport Authority for aircraft noise-related issues. Also, if the homeowner hires an outside party to remove or re-install window dressings, move furniture, etc., the homeowner is responsible for those costs.

I recently installed new windows and doors, and it looks like my home is eligible for the Program. Can I get reimbursed?
No. According to FAA regulations, similar work completed by homeowners before their home is treated by the Program are not eligible for reimbursement.

Will my property be reassessed from the new construction?
No, the Assessor's Office will not increase the value of those homes that are part of the Airport Residential Sound Attenuation Program. During construction, you will need to complete and return a County Assessor's form. Here is the link to the letter and form from the County Assessor.

Can a friend or family member be present for me during construction?
Yes, as long as that person is over 18 years of age. Please keep in mind that your designee must be able to either make decisions for you, or be able to get in touch with you right away if a product or installation issue arises. Also, the actual homeowner is required to be present during the meetings with the design consultant, contractor, Airport Authority, or any time an owner signature is required.

How much quieter will my home be after my construction is completed?
The FAA has set a program goal of reducing noise for Program participants by at least 5 decibels inside the home - a noticeable reduction in noise level.

What if I'm new to the Quieter Home area, or decide to rent out my house?
Program priority will be given to homes within the highest noise impacted areas and to residents who have owned the homes in these areas the longest. The Program does not favor owner occupied vs. non-owner occupied properties.

How do I know all my Quieter Home construction is up to code?
During your construction, the Program construction inspectors will visit you to make sure all is going well. After your construction is completed, your property will be visited by a City of San Diego inspector, accompanied by a Program construction inspector. If the City discovers code or installation issues with any part or portion of your construction, they will notify the Program and the contractor at the time of the visit for resolution.

Do I get my choice of product styles and colors?
Whenever possible, windows are replaced with the same style as what exists in your home. On occasion, a style may need to be changed to comply with the current building code requirements.

Door selection sheets will be provided to you by the design team at your first design visit. You will need to make your selections at the second visit with the design consultant, and you must sign off on the selection to finalize it.

You will make your color selections with the contractor at the measurement walk-through visit. This will be an appointment scheduled by the contractor, and all final colors must be finalized at this time so the contractor can order your products.

If I don't like what's offered, can I upgrade and pay the difference?
No. The Program provides a standard selection of products that meet or exceed the acoustical intent of the Program.

Can I purchase my own hardware for the contractor to install?
Any proposed hardware purchased by a homeowner must be discussed and finalized with the contractor at the measurement walk-through to ensure it can be installed on your acoustical products. There is no reimbursement available to the homeowner for privately purchased hardware, whether it fits the acoustical products or not.

There is a standard selection of hardware compatible with Program products, available for viewing at the Program's showroom. Information on its location and hours of operation will be given to you at your first design visit.

What is Program "hardware"?
Mechanisms used to open, close, or secure your windows and doors.

I own a multi-family complex with 10 units. Can I participate?
Yes, multi-family complex with any number of units are eligible to participate. If you live in a condo complex units with multiple owners, the entire building may need to agree to participate in order for the building to be insulated.

My property does not fall within the eligibility boundary, but I am interested in the products you use. Who can I contact for product information?


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